Through Love We Are One

Through Love We Are One

February 14, 2015  |  inspiration

A lifetime without love is of no account

       Love is the water of life.  Drink it down with heart and soul.


I used to think that a day to celebrate love wasn’t so important. Now I think that a day to celebrate love is all important. Love is the foundation of our lives.

Love sustains and makes us healthy

Have you ever caressed your hair and skin and told yourself how much you love every part of your body, how much you love who you are, how much you love your whole being? Thanks to quantum physics, we now know that our cells register our loving gestures and that the frequency of love brings harmony and well being to the whole body. A simple daily hug for our bodies reaffirms our commitment to loving ourselves.

Love!Love for loved ones

Every time I talk to my mother now, I tell her that I love her. She says it back to me. Our conversations are never finished until we say, “I love you” to each other.

In the past, I couldn’t say “I love you” very easily to my friends – not because I didn’t love them but because I wasn’t taught to say it so openly. Now, I say it to all of them, and when they say it back, I feel unafraid, open, connected and grateful. We are on the same page, beautiful souls!

I love many people who have crossed my path, and I feel blessed to have known them. We are still linked through the memory of love we once shared and enjoyed. Thank you for that!

Love the planet and all living beings

I’ve been practicing meditation for 5 years now, and my love for all that is has increased exponentially. Although I am dedicated to my dog Secret and the homeless dogs I sponsor in the hopes of helping to find them homes, I have as much love for manatees, panthers, wolves, sharks, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes – even cows and all farm animals. My love for animals is profound, and I feel that they all deserve our respect. Every petition I sign on their behalf is an act of love.

I don’t think that we love our planet enough, and the reason for this is that we don’t love ourselves enough. It is time to transcend our egocentric existences and look beyond for that which makes our lives beautiful, rich and meaningful. Lets us find a balance between self and others, between home and foreign lands, and dedicate our time and energy to making our lives and the world a better place for all. Through love we are one!

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