Shourouk at La Boutique

Shourouk at La Boutique

May 26, 2011  |  inspiration

Shourouk, an attractive and trendy jewelry designer from Paris, whose collections have commanded a worldwide following in the last 3 years since she created her brand, was in San Francisco for an event organized by La Boutique.

La Boutique – “the ultimate destination for European Fashion and Art” – invited the designer to personally introduce the fall 2011 collections inspired by the opulence of the courts of India.

“My mother used to watch Indian movies when I was a child,” Shourouk told me, “and I was impressed by the magnificence of the jewels.”


Fueled with memories of the past, along with a lot of imagination and 6 months of work, the collection, her sixth, displays captivating intricacies of design. Through the use of Swarovski crystals, sequins and colored stones the designer captures in a modern and sassy way (a word she uses to describe herself) the glitz of a fairytale era. Necklaces, headbands, cuffs, earrings and an encrusted handbag (“…a revival of a bygone era when women discreetly kept their necessities in a bag in case they decided to spend the night at someone else’s place,” says her catalogue) would transform any woman into a modern princess in an instant.

Shourouk’s fashion mantra given to a French magazine reads like a poem. “J’aime le décalage, le détournement, l’insolence d’une tenue basique secouée par un accessoire.” (I like the offbeat style, the diversion, the insolence of a basic outfit jazzed up by an accessory.)

Décidément, the designer, true to herself and her creativity, likes to provoke and shun limits, inspire and adorn women. Born and raised in Paris, she visits Sicily in search of inspiration and remembrance of her Tunisian roots. She loves poetry, Frida Kalho, and birds. Her collections appear in magazines around the globe, and she collaborates with the A-list of fashion designers yet remains approachable and down to earth.

La Boutique transformed their gorgeous gallery space into Shourouk’s studio for the event. There was rosé, white wine, red wine and classy hors d’oeuvres. I asked Carole Harari, founder of La Boutique, what gave her the idea of inviting Shourouk, and she said, “I went to her studio in Paris to look at her collection, and I asked her if she would ever consider it, and she said yes.”




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