Nurture your sense of style

Nurture your sense of style

February 3, 2011  |  inspiration

“Dressing well, looking your best, and feeling good in your clothes is not an impossible task,” a fabulous French woman, Mélina, who lives in San Francisco, explains to me. It is a well known fact that French women know how to dress well. Many books have been written about it. And there is always something more to say, because dressing well is a skill that can be learned, and women are eager to learn.

Choosing the right pieces of clothing — the textures and colors — are a reflection of the woman you are or would like to become. An energetic, independent and confident woman who knows who she is, lets her clothes reveal her story. She looks at herself in the mirror before she leaves the house — she crafts her image to try to please the people she meets. “This is the secret of French women,” says Mélina. “They love to please others, flirt, laugh, and enjoy themselves, because they are aware that their image is communicating to the world who they are.” And this is not vanity; it is an art de vivre, a lifestyle, self-respect. Anyone who has seen the film Coco and Igor would know what I am talking about.

Choosing the right pieces of clothing — the textures and colors — are a reflection of the woman you are or would like to become.

Dressing well is also knowing how to dress for different occasions. Please, buy yourself flat shoes to wear to work instead of pairing your suit with sneakers! It always hurts my eyes when I see this. Show your femininity, pay close attention to details, buy the right accessories, and always dress appropriately for work, parties or dinners! “French women are reluctant to show nudity because they don’t need to,” adds  Mélina. “They will be sexy but never trashy.”

There is a scene in the movie Coco before Chanel, where a client of Coco desires a dress revealing her breasts and her body. Coco has the following advice for her: “Let them imagine. It is more exciting if you (your body parts) are desired.”

“Style and chic can be learned,” Mélina adds. “Women just need advice and help.” How do you learn to be who you would like to be in your clothes? Make an effort, think about what you buy, buy a whole outfit instead of a lot of separates you don’t know how to put together, stay curious, look at magazines, buy accessories, do research, follow fashion! Get a whole new education! Be very, very curious and pay attention to detail! I promise you that your style will improve to align with the woman you are inside — a fabulous woman to be discovered by the world. And when someone tells you that you are elegant, you will respond like Coco Chanel: “J’ai des goûts très sûrs.” (“I have very certain taste.”)

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