La Roche-Posey Takes Over

La Roche-Posey Takes Over

August 3, 2011  |  inspiration

I love La Roche-Posey creams, their texture, and their kept promises. Ten years ago, the only way to get La Roche-Posey creams for your face was to wait until you or someone else traveled to France or Canada. However, the products are now available at selected CVS stores, through the company’s website and at some dermatology offices.

I know that their Active C cream is unique in that it preserves the potency of vitamin C. There is a great line for problematic acne skin, a line to alleviate face redness and the company has the best sunscreen product on the market – Anthelios. I heard that there are some differences in the composition of the sunscreens available here and in Europe due to FDA regulations, and I also noticed that most products are first introduced to the European market before coming over to the USA. I regret that I still can’t buy my favorite La Roche-Posey foundation here, but I was told that the market for foundation is too tough. I did see, however, that Vichy’s foundation line is available at CVS stores. These foundations are very smooth and have very good coverage that doesn’t appear unnatural over the skin.

I decided to write a note about La Roche-Posey because a dear friend asked me what creams I use. She didn’t know about the company, so here is my recommendation. I love La Roche-Posey creams. Try and discover them for yourself!




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