D'Clic by Yapo

D’Clic by Yapo

March 10, 2011  |  inspiration

Martial Yapo has been wearing airplane belts over his jeans for the last eight years. Yes, you heard me right, Air France seat belts, Delta seat belts, you name it. “They came in different colors,” says Martial, “so I had to have all of them. It was difficult to find interesting belts in stores, and I found the airplane belts to be very original.” This is how it all started – a creative mind sitting hours at a time in airplanes, looking to be surprised. And surprise is the exact reaction people express when they see the ordinary seat belt transformed by Martial’s vision into an artful, stylish and beautiful accessory. People are delightfully surprised – for a reason.

Trained as an architect in Paris, Martial is also a talented painter and the sole founder of D’Clic by Yapo. “I decided to start D’clic”, says Martial, “because I like the product myself. I wear my belts every day and I really love them. They are hip (branché) and trendy (tendance).” Right now, he is enjoying the challenge of developing a product that bolsters his creativity and causes his company to grow. He envisions D’clic as having many creative branches, such as product design and interior design, where he also can put his passion for architecture to use.

When I asked him if he is a trendsetter (créateur du moment), he didn’t want to be thought of as one. “My creations are the expression of my artistic soul,” says Martial. I am putting my soul into an object, and not unlike a painter, I am hoping that people will like what I have created.” He is aware that business decisions will become a part of his creative process, but he would like to stay as authentic and faithful as possible to a creator’s mind. His wish is for D’clic to be endorsed by celebrities, because they are influencers and can really make an impact on a brand. But he is hoping that stylish, cool and hip men from all over the world will wear his belts to enhance their image.

As for the future, he sees great potential in belts, but he would like to branch out and innovate with other products as well. And he is carefully positioning the brand as an exclusive affair since its inception. Watch out for D’Clic by Yapo!

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  1. Would love to know where I may get one! This is fantastique!


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