April in Paris

April in Paris

February 21, 2011  |  inspiration

April in Paris is the name of the charming boutique of master leather craftsperson, Béatrice Amblard, located at 55 Clement Street in San Francisco. The choice of the name is full of significance. It sounds like a melody — the beauty of  Paris in the spring, the joy and love that permeate the air. And love is what she feels for her craft. Trained as a leather artisan in the old French tradition, Béatrice perfected her skills at Hermès before opening her own shop. Today she is the only artisan to have worked for Hermès as well as own her label and boutique. Her custom leather pieces are so sought-after that if you would like to order a leather bag, there is a three-month waiting period. Her clients come from all over the world, admiring her savoir-faire and her technique.

Béatrice talks about leather as having a soul of its own, as being her constant love and passion. Every piece she makes, whether a bag or an accessory, is uniquely crafted and hand-sewn with the promise to last and enchant. The leathers she uses for her creations are of the highest quality. With her craft, she breathes life into the dying luxury of investing in your looks, of choosing the color and the feel of your leather accessories, of feeling the pride of owning a dream piece. Only the imagination is the limit to what she can accomplish, she tells me in her soft and agreeable voice.

Men and women alike find their happiness in her store. She makes handbags with the classic saddle stitch and carries pieces you can purchase immediately without the wait. She also designs accessories — wallets, checkbook holders, iPhone cases, briefcases, and belts. Her beautiful bee logo is displayed on all her creations. She can even transform your car interior with the touch of a magician! And as an accomplished artist and designer, she also makes jewelry and furniture. How lucky we are to have such a incredible shop in San Francisco, where a woman with a vision and love for beautiful and lasting things makes life feel like April in Paris!

  • April in Paris, 55 Clement Street, San Francisco
  • (415) 750-9910
  • Visit website!
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