Why Write About Love!

Why Write About Love!

February 4, 2014  |  inspiration

In French Style has always been a blog about love! All the articles I’ve written in the last few years have been full of love for the people who make beautiful things, serve incredible food and show their love in all the things that enrich their lives–dancing, creating, writing, cooking. It is a blog born out of my deep love for French culture, aesthetics, imagination, and writing.

I decided to write posts about love because life is exponentially more fulfilling when we feel unconditional love for ourselves, for our loved ones, for animals, for the planet. The more we can expand the reaches of love, the more changes we can make in this world, and the more healing will take place in ourselves and others. Love is transformational, and the more love we have, the more we allow our authentic self to emerge. I invite you to explore the mysteries and intricacies of love in French Style.

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  1. Love the Bobo piece and your eternal sense of style, French and beyond. Keep it up!


  2. Thank you dear Joanna,

    What a sweet comment! I hope you liked Bobo.

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