Jeanne D'Arc, cuisine traditionnelle

Jeanne D’Arc, cuisine traditionnelle

February 3, 2011  |  food & drink, san francisco

This family-owned restaurant, located inside the Cornell Hotel, is a real gem. A big French flag is flowing above the entrance, and a pretty staircase with stained glass windows and old pictures leads you to the restaurant. The Jeanne D’Arc themed decor surely will enchant you. Portraits, pictures, and artifacts line alcoves, corners and walls. The owners, who are from Orléans in Western France, have put a lot of care and love in the space, that they’ve made into a small museum. There is nothing like it in San Francisco. It feels authentic and transports you to another era, to the city of Orléans, where Jeanne D’Arc became a symbol of incredible bravery.

The food is traditional French, from la Loire region. Everything I ordered tasted superb and satisfying. The Velouté campagnard (cream of fresh garden veggies) was chunky and fresh. The Canard du Connetable de Montmorency (roast duck breast with a cherry sauce) left a perfect mix of salted and sweet taste on the palate. The Soufflé au Grand Marnier (orange liqueur soufflé) is a restaurant specialty, and is to die for.

  • Cornelle Hotel de France
  • 715 Bush Street, San Francisco
  • Reservations: (415) 421-3154

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