February 3, 2011  |  food & drink, san francisco

Amélie is a hugely successful wine bar where you can hear French every night of the week. The concept is a bar/lounge, where drinking good wine is fun, enjoyable and affordable. “Here wine is for everyone,” says Germain, a co-owner. “I wanted to transform the image of wine from being boring and elitist to being fun and affordable.” On most nights beautiful people, regulars, and friends gather at Amélie to socialize with huge glasses of wine, deriving pleasure from idle time, good company, and joyful ambiance.

The clientele is international. The staff is European and courteous, and it hasn’t changed in years. “Having the same staff is a French touch and a very important aspect,” says Germain. “In France people expect to see familiar faces in their favorite places.” This is why Amélie has become a sort of gathering space for a lot of young French people who come to say hello to each other and share some good laughs.

The stellar décor makes everyone feel good and happy (Art/Design). It is a sensual place, and music is crucial to the scene. European tunes with jazzy tones play softly in the background. The Victor Hugo’s poem on the ceiling has a personal and sentimental value for Germain, whose grandfather used to read to him “La Légende des Siècles” when he was a child. Ever since, he dreamed of opening his own bar. He developed a palate for wine from working in restaurants and bars in the Vallée du Rhone, where he is from.

Amélie also offers delicious food to dazzle your senses and accompany your drinks. You can ask for a table in the back to enjoy a light meal of an extensive variety of cheeses, charcuterie, raviolis, salads, and small pizzas. And don’t forget to end the night with a chocolate plate — a selection of dark and white truffles.


  • Amélie Le Bar à Vin
  • 1754 Polk Street, San Francisco
  • Visit website!

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