Café Boulud, Palm Beach

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Café Boulud welcomes you at the Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach.


Chez Jean-Pierre, Palm Beach

Chez Jean-Pierre, Palm Beach

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Chez Jean-Pierre is a romantic French restaurant in a movie-like setting on Palm Beach island. This is definitely a place to see and be seen. The clientele is a who’s who in Palm Beach.

The place is elegant, absolutely immaculate, and the service is great and unpretentious. I loved the artistic display of pictures on the walls. It reminded me of a painter’s atelier in Paris.JP_Resto

Sitting at the bar, I couldn’t help but sometimes turn around, and look at the food and the well-dressed people. Everybody seemed to be leisurely enjoying their time. That night, bottles of wines were flying through the air, carried by busy servers.

I would definitely go back to this place. I loved my food and my wine, and especially appreciated the care the staff took in making everyone happy.


Perfect pour les amoureux


Shiitake Mushrooms over a bed of greens


Fresh mussels in white wine sauce


Chez Jean-Pierre Bistro

132 N County Rd., Palm Beach

Phone: 561-833-1171


Paul, Miami Beach

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I was absolutely thrilled to find Paul, Maison de Qualité, during my visit to South Beach. This place is heaven for LES GOURMANDS!


Stroll down Lincoln Road Mall and stop for a coffee and a French pastry day or night (after all, this is South Beach). I promise you, you will be back for more.


It offers the aesthetics of a Parisian café and the flavors of home made pastries.


Paul seduces you with unforgettable baked goods, smells and tastes. You will find deserts you only see in Paris.


And I went back… for an after diner desert. And I took a friend with me and we had the best time laughing and sharing une bûche noisettes.

Paul, Maison de Qualité

Lincoln Road Mall, 450 Lincoln Rd

Miami Beach