Burger Bar or Powerhouse Hubert Keller

Burger Bar or Powerhouse Hubert Keller

September 15, 2011  |  san francisco

Curious to try burgers created by the brand name Hubert Keller, I stood in line for a table at the Burger Bar in the Macy’s building a few weeks ago. The view over Union Square is magnificent. The weather was cloudy, but the sheer expansiveness of the view over the surrounding buildings added some cheer to the whole experience.

Burger Bar is a typical American pub which serves burgers ranging in price from ten to sixty dollars, has booths with TVs, and serves any kind of beer you can think of. The Rossini burger, which is the most expensive ($60), offers Kobe beef, sautéed fois gras and shaved truffles. I ordered Hubert Keller’s favorite, called the “Hubert Keller” ($20) – buffalo meat, spinach, cheese and sautéed onions on ciabbata bread (featured). It was tasty, as tasty as burgers can be. I liked both the sweet potatoes fries and the skinny fries. You can also create your own burgers, but you would miss the famous chef’s own creations and suggestions.

Burger Bar is part of Hubert Keller’s food empire, as I read in his statement on the menu. It said that that it is a representation of the way he lives his life – “with grace and charm.” I think that going to Burger Bar is a great study in the power of brand. I was really funny to see that along with burgers, you can also buy a selection of T-shirts, tank tops, studded tanks and G-strings. Hey, if you have a friend who could enjoy a Burger Bar G-string or a studded tank top, why not!!!

Hubert Keller is the owner of Fleur de Lys restaurant in San Francisco. He also has restaurants in Las Vegas and Saint Louis; he is a Bravo chef and media darling and owner of the Burger Bar chain. I also saw him DJing one time, and he had tons of fun… and was pretty good.


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