September 3, 2012  |  featured, inspiration

Walking on Union Street the other day, I stopped by Vivo. This boutique carries a great selection of Parisian fashion, so it should be on anyone’s list. I love their clothes because they are so different from what you see in American stores. The quality is magnifique! I still get compliments on tops that I wear which I bought there 10 years ago. Pants, unique tops, sweaters, sassy dresses, scarves, gorgeous raincoats and more, including some clothing from Italian designers, line the walls of this welcoming store. The styles, colors, fabric combinations, even playfulness of the clothes, reflect modern Parisian trends and European taste. Try some clothes on and the whole experience would make you smile. And if you are smaller than 42-44 European size (12), you will be in heaven… You will find anything you need to make you feel like you just landed from a two weeks trip in France and maybe Italy. There is a big sale happening right now – 50% off all summer clothes. The average price range is between $100 and $250, but there are plenty of nice tops under that price, and now with sales, you can get them even cheaper. I hope you love your Vivo experience and that this boutique will become part of your shopping destination in our beautiful San Francisco.

VIVO  2124 Union Street, San Francisco

Phone: (415) 931-6888

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