Maison Bouche

Maison Bouche

April 5, 2012  |  featured, inspiration

It takes a woman of passion to create such an incredible collection of chocolates in the style of 18th century French artisan chocolate-making. Diane Beaty, the founder of Maison Bouche is not your regular entrepreneur. She has taste and she has style. As long as she can remember, she has been fascinated with European architecture, Baroque art (however over the top it may be), Marie-Antoinette, French Fashion and everything that relates to 18Th century France. The name Maison Bouche refers to the kitchens in Versailles, and yes, Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette had their own.

Diane always had a thing for European candy companies with their beautiful crafted labels, their fine packaging and exquisite details. Every time she stops in Paris, she visits the famous patisserie Ladurée for inspiration, pays homage to the Costume Museums, brings home Mariage Frères tea, and savors cheese omelet in a Parisian café. “So simple,” she says, “so basic, yet so satisfying.”

When she embarked on a new adventure–creating a chocolate company–she decided to replicate as much as she can an old-fashioned way of making candies. Everything is hand-made in small batches, undergoes a process of trial and error, is tasted many times over, thus persevering the human aspect of artisan making and offering chocolates lovers something with personality.

Her “Couture and Confections” collection will surprise you with flavors like crêpe suzette, sablé croquant, almond croissant, fleur de sel, crème brûlée, compote de rhubarbe aux fraises. “The flavors are very subtle,” she says, yet resistant to the passage of time. The chocolate bars are categorized as Les Fleurs, les Épices, les Croquants, Les Fruits, Les Spécilaités et Les Diversités. For every holiday, there is always something new, and to celebrate Easter, Diane has made a basket of eggs, carrots and cookies, all in chocolate of course. Her bestselling flavor remains Fleur de sel, and although her products change, her signature collections can be ordered all year around.

Diane invites you to step back into 18th century Versailles and enjoy fun packaging–feminine and whimsical as she describes it, chosen from her own collection of French and Victorian antique images–and moments of pure chocolate delight and joy. For a complete list of stores carrying her products, please visit Maison Bouche’s web site ( where all chocolates can also be ordered.


Couture and Confections Collection (18 c French Costumes)

Botanical collection (18 c French Prints)

Best selling bar Fleur de Sel (available in two different wrappers black and white, taken from an antique map of Paris).


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