Loïc Autret – French Artisan Bakery

July 28, 2015  |  featured, food & drink, south florida

The secret of French Food is that it always makes me reconsider my lifestyle choices… I must admit that eating a good croissant makes me instantly happy, and fills me with life and good memories. I talk about it for days and tell all my friends about my unforgettable experience.

Take a look at these delicious croissants !!! Who is able to resist trying one, or even two? They are baked fresh dayly at Loïc Autret’s Artisanal French Bakery in Delray Beach, Florida.


I love their pains au chocolat also! They are crusty and have a lot of real chocolate inside.


There is no doubt that the master chef, Loïc Autret, has a passion for baking and spoiling his customers. You can often meet him in the store. If you see a charming man with intense blue eyes and a unique haircut then you know you are looking at the master chef himself. If he is not too busy, say “Hello.” You will come back again and again for his baguettes and croissants. And his conversation.


And if you are not convinced that this bakery is a jewel and a gift to Delray beach, here are a few more pictures to excite your palate! I am so grateful that a taste of France is right around the corner!


814 NE 6th Ave

Delray Beach, Florida



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  1. OMG that pain au chocolat looks amazing! Can’t find any in Sacramento? And a question, have you have Tartine Bakery’s in San Fran’s pain au chocolat, it’s suppose to be really good? It does look good, ate least online 😉

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