Learning French Demystified

Learning French Demystified

June 28, 2013  |  featured, inspiration


As summer approaches and friends start talking about their summer plans, we start remembering our old dreams about going to Paris, sipping coffee at an Eiffel Tower Restaurant, ordering lunch in French, and feeling great about speaking a new language. We all know the benefits, the transformation, and the excitement about learning a foreign language, but somehow, we always manage to put it off. Too much effort, not essential, maybe one day, I am bad with languages… our minds invent countless pretexts not to pursue our dreams.

Contrary to widespread beliefs, learning French is not the most difficult thing you will ever do in your life and could become one of the most satisfying experiences you’ve ever had. It could open doors that you’ve never imagined and could bring excitement, joy, and new passion for life. Remember that William the Conqueror brought to England his Norman French, and English still has a large pool of French words. To make you feel even better, English words like cool, boost, hot, are used all over French fashion magazines. But of course, this shared linguistic foundation will not help you start a conversation with a waiter at a French café or a gorgeous girl sitting at the bench next to you.

Learning French is a beautiful process. If you start today by following the advice below, you can be sure to realize your dream quite fast. You can bet on this one, and I can show you how. So, where to start?

Call your local Alliance Française, enroll in a class or contact us. We offer one to one online classes through our virtual school. I wish that you could do it alone, but I advise you against it. A teacher would not only give you the grammatical foundation but also immerse you in the cultural aspects of the language. Under the guidance of a great teacher, you will start to understand the basics and learn the best way to study and assimilate the material. A teacher will show you how to explore the vast pool of resources found online and build your skills on your own. If you are brave and have the means, fly to Paris and enroll at the Alliance Française in Paris or find another language school. Not only are you already in town and sipping your coffee in Le Quartier Latin, but you are also discovering your linguistic ingenuity and making new friends. In the meantime, grab a copy of the novel “French Lessons by Ellen Sussman and get inspired.

Curiosity grows with focus. The more you learn, the more you would like to know. If your local cable provider carries TV 5, the French international channel, get it. It is worth every penny. As you watch, notice the words you understand. In the beginning, you would capture a word, but in a few months, you would be able to comprehend a sentence, then a conversation. Indulge yourself with French movies on Netflix and YouTube. Download a free French radio on your smartphone. Buy a magazine in French at your local bookstore and read the titles, and then challenge yourself with an article. You will be amazed at the progress you are making. If you are bold, stop any French tourist you meet and introduce yourself. Why not have fun with the process? Go to your local French restaurant or bar and start a conversation. For more questions, lessons plans, prices, and for fast immersion on your way to France, email the editor at editor@infrenchstyle.com.

So, are you ready to start? Have fun, be bold and enjoy! And lastly, sing with Edith Piaf and imitate her accent.



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  1. Hi, I’m one of those french language procrastinators. But sheesh, there are soooo many resources out there now. One that just came to my attention is the site Fluenz.com. There are podcasts, etc etc too. The main thing is to do something every single day. That’s where I’m at now: one things, be it ever so small, every day. That way by the time I’m 100 I may have learned the language :).


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