La Bonne Bouche

La Bonne Bouche

October 21, 2015  |  featured, south florida

I discovered La Bonne Bouche, par hazard, driving through Downtown, Lake Worth, Florida. I was so curious about this place that I called in and a few days later I arrived for dinner with a friend.

The Chef Eric was waiting for his guests, and he escorted us to a table in a very jovial French way. We started a conversation in seconds – how can you not with a French chef!

If you have lived or been to France, La Bonne Bouche feels like an authentic village restaurant. I have great memories eating in restaurants in tiny towns from Brittany to Provence where the village life, the stone walls, the quietness of the place and the good humor of the chef add layers to the deliciousness of the meal.

La Bonne Bouche offers a lot of surprises.


The dining menu is brought to you on a chalkboard by a waiter. That night le bœuf bourguignon was the dish of the night, and my friend ordered it. The only vegetarian option available was a hearty salad. When the Chef came by, I asked if he had any dishes for vegetarians. He exclaimed with a big smile: “Why in the world do people become vegetarians?” Then, we laughed together without finding an answer and agreed on a fresh white fish prepared especially for me.


I am still talking and reminiscing about this incredibly simple buttery white fish plate with a taste I could never replicate at home.

The restaurant transforms into a café and a bakery during the day. The desert case is absolutely great and filled with traditional French cakes and patisseries. The rum cake and the lemon tart we ordered were the perfect ending to a terroir meal.



La Bonne Bouche is a place where you go for the taste of real French food. The fact that you find it in Lake Worth, Florida, blows my mind.

La Bonne Bouche Bistro

516 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460

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  1. Avoid this place like the plaque!

    Looks very nice and quaint from the outside but this is deceptive. Service is a joke, Waitress was totally incompetent and stressed out (Restaurant wasn’t even half full). She completely messed up our order and then argued that she hadn’t. Manager/Owner was arrogant and very unprofessional. I believe he’s also extremely delusional and in complete denial that his restaurant isn’t the best thing since sliced bread. We also overhead the Wait staff talking about personal issues with their jobs, the gist being how much they hated working there. When the food eventually came (not all at the same time but sporadically and nearly an hour for some sandwiches and salad) it was well below mediocre at best. This establishments advertises itself as ‘Homemade French Cooking’. Has the owner forgotten what it is like in France since he’s been in the US? This place is further away from being French than the Moon and an embarrassment to real authentic French cuisine.

    On a side note we wouldn’t have given it any stars, but the system default lowest is 1 star!

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