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In French Style lifestyle and cultural blog offers the delights of the aesthetic life, fabulous food and joie de vivre, hoping to inspire you, dazzle your senses and spark your imagination.

About the founder

My name is Vera J. Bellamy, and I am an Educator and Linguistic Consultant. This site represents a personal creative space and a cultural project to entertain, enrich and inspire!

It is a tribute to my love and appreciation for words and aesthetics, and my life-long passion for French language and culture. My articles and photos follow my interests in French lifestyle and culture, and they are about people, places and events that enrich global culture through the French art de vivre.

I hold a BA and an MA in French Lit from UC Berkeley. I specialize in Academic Performance and Localization. I am also a French and ESL Teacher.

Translation & Localization 

  • IT Translation and Editing
  • App Translation and App Testing
  • Packaging
  • Marketing communications

Services include translation and localizion of products in Canadian French or International French, transcreation of marketing materials and testing of the final product to ensure that it is intuitive, coherent, easy to use, and beautiful to see.

French & Academic Excellence

Learning French is an exciting process and endeavor. French is an inspiring language to learn and opens doors to an exciting culture. Languages teach us new skills and offer us richer life experiences. I specialize in high-performance skills that can be applied in all learning projects and levels. To contact me, please go the contact page.

Learning French Demystified

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